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Vitamin C

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Vitamin C  is a potent antioxidant, and has various uses for skin and your GLOW partner!

it can be used for brightening if you have dark spots, to improve collagen production hence reducing the appearance of fine lines, help with healing, moisturizing, and keeping a healthy skin barrier. 

How to use:

one thing you need to know, since it is very potent, this means it can oxidize easily, that is why we created a new way of using vitamin C : 

  1. put one spoon of the included measuring spoon you have with your vial
  2. put on the back of your hand 
  3. mix with half a dropper of our Hyaluronic acid serum with your finger 
  4. apply it on your skin!

note : if you have sensitive skin, please be careful. 

TOP Skin Tip: if you use this combo after a derma roller session, you will get double the results!

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