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Squalene from olive oil

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Dhs. 50.00

Benefits: Relive dry, itchy skin fast when you add Squalene oil to your skincare routine.

How to use: Squalene oil can be used in multiple ways! 

  • you can add a few drops to your feather-light cream to make it more hydrating
  •  you can use it as is as a night serum on its own
  • you can also add to it some more actives to customize it even more and make an oil serum rich in benefits. 
  • you can use it as a lubricant when u do face/body massage or face exercises. 

Notes: Squalene Oil is perfect for people who suffer from dry skin, sensitive skin or itchy skin. it is a non-comedogenic oil, so if you can have Acne, you don't have to worry! 

INCI: Squalene


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