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Rasha Aburas is the innovative founder behind The Daily Me, a brand redefining skincare with personalised solutions. With 15 years of pharmaceutical experience, she brings a blend of scientific expertise and a passion for beauty to the world of skincare. Her vision: to empower women through custom skincare that celebrates their unique beauty and supports their busy lifestyles. She's a hardworking mom and entrepreneur, driven to inspire others with her values and dedication.

Immerse yourself in The Daily Me's world, where your beauty regime is personalised with the essence of Middle Eastern tradition and the luxury of modern science. At The Daily Me we are dedicated to simplifying skincare rituals, offering bespoke solutions that speak to your soul, celebrate your heritage, and embrace sustainability. Join us in a movement that's not just about beauty, but about empowering the 'Me' in every individual.

Your Skin is Unique, So Your SkinCare Should Be.


The Daily Me merges traditional beauty knowledge with modern science to create unique skincare. Emphasising personalisation and Middle Eastern heritage, we aim to be a leader in the tech-savvy, environmentally conscious skincare sector. Our mission reflects a dedication to women's self-care and aligns with the innovative spirit of the region.

Our Purpose

The purpose of The Daily Me is to offer a unique, personalised skincare experience that blends the rich heritage of Middle Eastern beauty traditions with the precision of modern pharmaceutical science. It aims to empower individuals, particularly women, by providing tailored skincare solutions that cater to their specific needs, thereby promoting self-care and well-being. The brand stands for luxury, innovation, and sustainability, aiming to revolutionise the skincare industry in the UAE and beyond.

inspired from nature. Standardized in the right dose!

Ingredients that you know

The Daily Me embodies the rich heritage of Arab beauty, using traditional ingredients in modern formulations. The Daily Me harnesses these ancient secrets, now expertly prepared in precise formulations suitable for modern use. Our team guides you to a bespoke skincare regimen, ensuring that each ingredient's form and dosage are perfectly tailored to your skin's needs, resulting in a daily cream crafted exclusively for you.


Why Choose Us?

Joining The Daily Me Community is a commitment to an enlightened skincare ritual, blending revered Arab beauty customs and modern sustainability. We empower women through education and self-care, ensuring honesty in our ingredients and practices. In line with UAE Vision 2030, we're pioneering a future-focused approach to skincare, celebrating heritage, and driving eco-innovation. Choose us for a skincare ethos that honours empowerment, tradition, and progressive values.


The Daily Me's mission embraces sustainable practices by prioritising ethically sourced materials, advocating for biodegradable formulations, and championing multipurpose products to reduce environmental impact. We commit to minimal packaging and utilising recyclable materials, fostering partnerships aimed at climate action, and continuously developing plans to enhance our sustainability efforts, ensuring we not only beautify our skin but also protect our planet.